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Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine Program

Marguerite Bernett, M.D.
Estrella Aesthetics & Surgical Arts
Corona, California

How to live a healthy lifestyle and give your body all the tools that it needs to remain young, vibrant and full of life

As we get older, it is inevitable that we slowly start to develop and show the signs of aging. However, there are also a huge amount of people out there that are working to combat these signs of aging and as a result, there are quite a bit of products and techniques that can be utilized, which work to prevent the signs of aging. One of the strongest aspects of fighting aging is through regenerative medicine, which is described by Marguerite Bernette, who is a medical doctor that specializes in anti-aging medicine and all thinks alike. If you don’t know what regenerative medicine is, it is essentially a process of healing the body on the molecular level.

When we age, it is actually the slow degradation of each individual cell in our bodies, and regenerative medicine is a process that addresses the root of the problem. If you can regenerate a cell and give it new live and energy, the end result is going to be a slowed down aging process. A lot of people do not realize that the way we age really is tied directly to the aging of our cells, but this absolutely is the case. Regenerative medicine works at fixing the very tissue and makes up our bodies and our organs, in an attempt to revitalize them and regenerate them on the molecular level. An interesting case in nature that portrays this phenomenon is lobsters that can live to be hundreds and hundreds of years old, which is a result of their cells remaining intact, even after they shed their shells over and over.

If you would like to stop the affects of aging, you should check out Estrella Aesthetics, which has a program that details how to live a healthy lifestyle and give your body all the tools that it needs to remain young, vibrant and full of life. If you do want to reverse the signs of aging and heal your body, it takes effort and commitment, as this really is a program that is designed for those people who want to be an active participant in their own healing. One of the biggest facets of this program is understanding where you are at right now, the place that you came from, and where you would like to go in the future. This portion is part of being mentally active and aware of where you are at, which will help you to achieve your overall health goals. One of the biggest culprits when it comes to our overall health, which directly relates to the degradation of our cells and thus our rapid signs of aging, is through not eating the proper diet and through lack of exercise.

Regular exercise and proper nutrition, primarily through a plant based diet, will put the body in the right place to normalize hormone levels, flood the body with essential nutrients and will regulate important things such as the thyroid and melatonin levels. The bulk of this program comes down to things you should already be doing for your health, including avoiding alcohol and tobacco, maintaining oral and general hygiene, being in the right mindset mentally and living a lifestyle based on proper diet and exercise. Luckily, all of these things are transferred to those in the program through counseling.

Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine Program

This program is your combined medical physicians on steroids in a boutique setting in a comprehensive protocol designed to optimize you mind, body and spiritual being with you as an active participant. You can help us help you achieve your and our goals for you in an enjoyable and joyful environment.

We are excited to have you enrolled in achieving a New You!

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