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Brazilian Butt Lift (Gluteal Sculpting) - Corona California Brazilian Butt Lift (Gluteal Sculpting) - Corona California Brazilian Butt Lift (Gluteal Sculpting) - Corona California


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Brazilian Butt Lift – Corona California

Marguerite Bernett, M.D.
Estrella Aesthetics & Surgical Arts
Corona, California

More and more women are flocking to plastic surgeons with requests to contour their bodies to reflect their idea of the perfect body. Breast augmentations have been one of the most commonly requested surgical procedures for years with liposuction coming in as a very close second. However, there is a new method of liposuction being performed among about 305 of patients, who then undergo body contouring using the liposuction and transfer the extracted fat in a method known as autologous fat transfer, or ATF.

In recent years as larger butts have become a popular culture icon and, are in turn seen as more desireable gluteal sculpting or reshaping known as a Brazillian Butt Lift has seen a sharp increase in popularity. The reason for the name behind the procedure is that it is referring to Brazillian women who often possess the characteristic of what is considered to be an ideal posterior.

Optimize the Gluteal Area of Your Body

It is no secret that what makes a woman attractive to the opposite sex is the curvature and shape of her body. With advances in surgery over the last twenty or thirty years, women now have the option to sculpt and reshape their bodies exactly the way that they want them through plastic surgery.

In order to optimize the gluteal area of the body and properly highlight its shape and curves in a way that is still complimentary to its adjacent anatomical structures, such as the soft scoop of the lower back, or firm lines of the thighs below, a Brazillian Butt Lift can be performed in order to give a woman that perfect diamond shape.

Getting Started with the Buttocks Procedure

Prior to the procedure, the patient will have to undergo anesthesia. In most cases the anesthesia will be administered orally for sedation and with an additional mild intravenous sedation to supplement the effects. This will ensure the patient’s comfort and safety through the procedure. Upon the patient’s request, general anesthesia can be requested prior to the surgery. However, patients should be well aware that by doing so they are taking on an increased risk to their health and incurring a higher cost for the procedure. Therefore, it is typically recommended that the oral and mild intravenous methods are selected.

In the beginning of the procedure, the doctor will liposuction in an effort to properly from the buttocks area and acquire any fat necessary to be transferred for the augmentation. Although, it is important to note that in 85% of the time, the shape is actually due to the skilled liposculpture performed to the adjacent anatomical areas.

Four Basic Shapes of the Buttocks

Keep in mind that there are four basic shapes of the buttocks that are most commonly recognized. They are as follows:

  1. “A” shape (optimal)
  2. Round shape (good appearance)
  3. “V” shape (least cosmetically pleasing)
  4. Rectangular (muscular appearance), preferred in men

When it comes to the amount of fullness that is desired in the buttocks, it will depend on the individual and whether they prefer a more athletic round shape or a larger, softer shape.

Liposculpting the Adjacent Areas Around the Buttocks

When it comes to the Liposculpting that is done to the adjacent areas surrounding the buttocks, keep the following shapes in mind:

  1. Lower back (most important area), creates the lower back swoop
  2. Flanks (transforms the superior buttock to a fuller look)
  3. Inner thigh (creates the diamond shape of absent tissue at superior inner thigh and lower inner buttock area)
  4. Outer thigh (optimizes the gentle “S” curve of the hips
  5. Abdomen (belly) is commonly added to provide the most fat for buttock augmentation

In either the initial appointment or in a follow prior to the surgery itself, the patient and their surgeon will sit down and discuss the different shapes and how they may best will be applied to the patient’s particular body type. Not everyone will have the same taste when it comes to the shaping, and not all shapes will ultimately be flattering on every woman. One the shape and size have been decided upon by the patient and the physician together, the augmentation process can proceed and the doctor can dully explain all of the details that will be involved during and after the procedure.

Buttock Process:

The process is broken down into four major parts; the design of the buttocks, the harvesting of the fat, the processing of the fat, and finally the process of improving the survival of the fat. Let’s break these down further.

In the process of designing the buttocks, the patient needs to be aligned with the doctor on the desired gluteal shape and size as previously stated. With the use of posterior and side view photographs, 3-dimensional imaging is developed to give the patient a realistic idea of the end result.

The harvesting of the fat to be used for the sculpting is done through a technique that has been designed to minimize any potential harm or damage to the fat cells themselves. It is also a goal to harvest the cells that appear to be in the best health, through VASER liposuction and Ultrasound. In most cases, these techniques result in the survival of the majority of the cells harvested.

Once the cells have been harvested, the must go through processing where they are separated by gravity to remove the fluid and administer the top fat layer. Unfortunately, the graft survival rate in this case is only about 40-50% on average. It is important to perform the processing to result in more reliable and improved survival overall. Two of the best known current methods are LipKit and Adivine System.

In an attempt to refine the processed fat cells and further ensure their survival rate, they may be combined with the patients own platelet rich plasma, also known as PRP, which contains growth factors derived from the patients own living cells.

Before and After Brazilian Butt Lift Photos:
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Brazilian Butt Lift - Before - Patient 1a
Brazilian Butt Lift - After - Patient 1a
Brazilian Butt Lift - Before - Patient 1a
Brazilian Butt Lift - After - Patient 1a
Brazilian Butt Lift - Before - Patient 1a
Brazilian Butt Lift - After - Patient 1a

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