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Weight Loss Program – Diet Programs

Marguerite Bernett, M.D.
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Diet Programs Associated with Hormone Replacement: The HCG Diet 23 Day & 40 Day Programs

HGC is an acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a substance that is produced in large amounts during pregnancy by the placenta. It is used in the ultra-low weight loss diet plan as an adjunct. Dr. Simeons, a British physician, while doing a study in India on Pregnant women who were on a diet that was calorie deficient, and obese boys who had the problem with their pituitary and treated with low HCG dose realized that the obese boys and the pregnant women lost body fat rather than lean muscles. He hypothetically figured that the HCG programs hypothalamus caused the loss in fat rather than lean muscles to protect the fetus by prompting the mobilization of abnormal, excessive deposits of adipose.

For the weight loss protocol, it is recommended that one takes a low dosage of HCG together with a custom ultra-low-calorie (500 cals/day, low-carbohydrate/fat, high protein) diet to facilitate the loss of adipose tissue without shedding off the lean tissue.

Research results have revealed that the small HCG dosage taken on a daily basis coupled with the 500 calories daily diet can help the subject shed off about one pound every day. The HCG protocol does not drain the normal fat stores completely. Instead, the fat stores are used as fuel. Additionally, the subjects under HCG had their skin remain taut and fresh, and their fingers gradually regained their normal nature. However, there have also been some side effects associated with the daily administering of the HCG.

When a woman is pregnant, the placenta is the one in charge of most of her metabolic functions, and some senses act like the hypophysis gland. HCG regulates metabolism in pregnant women. When a woman is pregnant, she does not lose weight because the HCG mobilizes fat utilization in the body only when the calories and fat in the body are significantly low. The HCG can only work where there is starvation.
For weight loss, the low-fat calorie diet is used to trigger the HCG to get rid of the body fat.

It is key that Marguerite Bernett, M.D., the medical director of Estrella Aesthetics, knows your full medical history, lab-test results, and the results for electrocardiogram so he can create for you a program that will yield results without taking medical risks that are unnecessary.

When the fat and calories are cut back, the metabolism of the body slows down so as to protect the stored energy source. However, extremely low-calorie diet accompanying the HCG signals the body to utilize the fat stored for energy and elimination.

If one goes on a low-calorie diet without accompanying it with HCG, weight loss can be achieved by simply consuming fewer calories and fat, but since the body stores fat when deprived, one will end up losing bone and lean muscles before losing fat. The results are slow cellular metabolism, easier, and faster in gaining weight in the long run.

The action of the HCG results is a loss of appetite. Therefore, in as much as low calories are being consumed, the body can still access the stored energy. These results in the people having more energy and a good feel. The HCG has no interaction with medications hence no side effects, including a change in the menstrual cycle of a woman.

With the HCG ultra-low calorie diet, what one usually experiences include:

  • Having a good mood throughout
  • No irritability
  • No weakness in the muscles
  • One looks and feels fine
  • Improved sleep
  • A reduction in the circumference of the body waist.

The HCG weight loss program often works by reprograming your body on a long-term to use the stored fat for energy production when the calories are reduced for some time, thus maintaining your weight. On average, one loses 20-25 pounds in a month. The first week often shows a loss of between 5-10 pounds. The hugely significant results are often seen in the first month before the plateau effect set in. From there, the weight loss is less dramatic and is achieved in a stair-step fashion.

HCG 23 Day Diet

Persons on the HCG 23 diet basically loses 1 pound on a daily basis. Most of the patients will lose between 15-25 pounds when on this diet. Any time is a suitable time to commence on an HCG diet plan supervised by a doctor. One will be able to lose weight much faster and get a healthier and feel much better. This diet is composed of:

  • 1 Bottle of HCG (10,000 units)
  • 30 AM, Appetite Suppressants (Phentermine) and Evening of craving (Totamax)
  • 6 Diet Shots (Fat Burner and Vitamin B 12)

HCG 40 Day Diet

Persons who undertake the HCG 40 Day diet plan can expect to shed between 25 to 45 pounds in the period. Most patients for the first 25 days will lose 1 pound a day; then the subsequent days ½ pound every day until the period is complete. This diet is composed of:

  • 2 Bottles of HCG (20,000 units)
  • 30 AM Appetite Suppressant (Phentermine) and Evening for cravings (Totamax)
  • 6 Diet Shots (Fat Burner and Vitamin B 12)

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