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Lower Extremity Rejuvenation (Fat Transfer) - Corona, CA Lower Extremity Rejuvenation (Fat Transfer) - Corona, CA Lower Extremity Rejuvenation (Fat Transfer) - Corona, CA


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Lower Extremity Rejuvenation in Corona CA

Marguerite Bernett, M.D.
Estrella Aesthetics & Surgical Arts
Corona, California

To many people, it’s intensely flattering to be thought younger than you actually are. Lower Extremity Rejuvenation can help create this happy, rather harmless, misinterpretation. This procedure can not only create a more youthful appearance, but can significantly impact how others interpret that appearance.

Lower Extremity Rejuvenation transfers fat from other parts of the body to create a more natural look and feel. For example, some people may have thin calves and wish to have fat transferred to give their legs a younger, fresher look. Alternatively, those with thick calves may require liposuction to change their legs’ appearance.

The Indications for Lower Extremity Rejuvenation

These examples aside, the main four reasons for undergoing Lower Extremity Rejuvenation are:

  1. Excess fatty tissue
  2. Excess skin (often after extreme weight loss)
  3. Excess skin and fatty tissue
  4. Transfer fat through volume replacement

Fat Harvesting:

For Lower Extremity Rejuvenation, fat cells are harvested through ultrasound or VASER liposuction to help minimize fat cell trauma. There is also VentX, a vented blunt tip cannula that prevents injury to the cells during the suction process. A recent study shows that as much as 85% fat cells and 87% stem cells are kept alive through these processes, which is equal to or even exceeds the syringe extraction technique. However, VASER and ultrasound can only harvest a certain amount at a time, therefore they significantly increase how long the surgery will take.

Fat Processing:

Processing body fat cells after they are harvested helps acquire smaller, younger, and healthier fat cells, which are far more reliable to work with. Currently, two of the best ways to process fat are through LipoKit and the PureGraft Lipodialysis. To compare the potency of both systems, Marguerite Bernette finished a study on these two methods for natural breast augmentation. Both systems produced over 92% fat viability before they were transferred. On top of this, LipoKit compacted the fat cells so they had a greater volume per unit area.

Ultimately, the results showed that the area where the fat was transferred had less swelling, faster recovery time, and showed less change to the appearance during the healing process. This is the best procedural outcome.

Improving Fat Survival:

Body fat cells that are harvested, processed, and refined can also combine with your own PRP–Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP contains eight growth factors (cytokines), and/or adipose-derived stem cells, both of which can increase fat cell survival during buttock augmentation, which is part of the Lower Extremity Rejuvenation procedure.

Lower Extremity Rejuvenation procedures have minimal discomfort, quick recovery times, and will have you back on your feet quickly. Much like how Pygmalion worked hard to sculpt Galatea, the mythical ivory woman of beauty, Lower Extremity Rejuvenation helps reshape your body, smooths your natural lines and curves, and enhances your proportions–all in the effort to make the ultimate masterpiece: you!

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