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Body Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting) - Estrella Aesthetics (Corona CA) Body Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting) - Estrella Aesthetics (Corona CA) Body Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting) - Estrella Aesthetics (Corona CA)


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Body Fat Transfer

Body Fat Transfer means using your own bodies fat from one place and placing into another.
The indications for body fat transfer or fat grafting are:

  1. to enhance or increase the volume of an area, such as the breast and buttocks
  2. rejuvenate an area by the addition of fat, such as the transformation of a raisin to a grape, such as the hands and fingers
  3. repair indentations, such as created naturally from cellulite or from  surgery, such as liposuction defects

The anatomical areas most commonly used for body fat transfer are:

  1. Breasts, Natural Breast Augmentation
  2. Buttocks, Brazilian Butt Lift
  3. Hands, Hand Rejuvenation
  4. Lower Extremities, Lower Extremity Rejuvenation

The breast is often an anatomical area for natural breast augmentation using one’s own fat called autologous fat transfer (AFT).

The indications for breast autologous fat transfer to the breast are:

  1. Breast Augmentation naturally
  2. Breast Reconstruction from previous Breast Cancer surgery and radiation therapy- this often includes the addition of both Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cells to improve the breast tissue bed and blood supply with resultant superior and improved fat graft survival
  3. Breast Reconstruction following either breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty), breast lift (mammopexy) or breast augmentation surgery to improve symmetry, shape and contour

The key points to improve fat transfer survival is to optimize the technique of fat harvesting, fat processing and purification, fat storage (if performed) and fat administration or injection.

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