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JC Complete Skin Health Products - Corona, CA


JC Complete Skin Health was formulated by our Clinical Director Judi Castro, RN,MEP-C. These pharmaceutical grade skin care products, have the most advanced anti-aging ingredients, giving you complete skin transformation in as little as 14 days!! Bring back that dewy glow that you had in your 20′s, with just a few simple steps! Judi has been working in aesthetic skin care for almost two decades; and over the past 3 years has been hard at work developing a skin health program just for her valued clients!!


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Recalls that glow you had in your 20s! Judi has been working on the aesthetic skin care for nearly two decades; and in the last two years he has been working hard on developing a program for skin care just for you, its valued customers!

JC Diamond Peel

The JC Peel Diamond is a precise combination of 17% trichloroacetic acid and 17% salicylic acid in a gel vehicle anhydrous free phenol limiting the ionization of free acids. It also allows a longer contact with the skin peel solution, thereby improving their efficiency

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