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JC Complete skin care
JC Complete Skin Health was formulated by our Clinical Director Judi Castro, RN,MEP-C. These pharmaceutical grade skin care products, have the most advanced anti-aging ingredients, giving you complete skin transformation in as little as 14 days!! Bring back that dewy glow that you had in your 20′s, with just a few simple steps! Judi has been working in aesthetic skin care for almost two decades; and over the past 3 years has been hard at work developing a skin health program just for her valued clients!!

Products from the department store, or local retail stores pale in comparison. Visit our office and meet with a member of our medical staff who can create a custom skin care program that will work just for you. The results will be amazing, and well worth every penny!

JC Compleete Skin Health Skincare

JC Cream Cleanser & JC Green Tea Cleanser

These cleansers were formulated for post procedure skin, or Dry, Rosacea/ Sensitive Skin. These cleansers gently removes impurities, while exfoliating the epidermis leaving the skin clean and refreshed, while these soothing cleansers are pH balanced will provide a feeling of comfort to irritated skin.

JC Perfecting Cleanser & JC Cleansing Gel

These cleansers are gentle on the skin but yet very effective in removing oil, makeup and other impurities. With active ingredients of Glycolic Acid, These cleansers are specially formulated to leave the skin exfoliated and feeling clean, clear and refreshed. The natural pH balance of this cleanser makes it suitable for all skin types.

JC Clarifying EX Cleanser

This highly effective micronized benzoyl peroxide cleanser eliminates acne causing bacteria without the irritating effects of traditional benzoyl peroxide. This specially formulated cleanser heals and prevent blemishes leaving you with a clear healthy looking complexion.

JC Brightening Pads

JC Brightening Pad products are hydroquinone-free, and allow your skin to fade away those lasting impressions of sun damage with a unique formula, containing enzyme activated Arbutin in combination with Kojic, Ascorbic and Salicylic acids. Derived from the Bearberry plant.

Arbutin is chemically classified as a phenolic glucoside having the following chemical formula and structure: Brightening products are intended for all skin types.

JC Perfecting Pads

Would you like to give your skin a boost that you can do at home? It’s so easy with just a single pad that you swipe over your clean face in the evening once a week. With pain-free TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) – a peeling agent that’s used in many aggressive peels, but here in a lower dose of 5%. Salicylic Acid – helps to exfoliate and dry out any blemishes. Azelaic Acid – stops growth of skin bacteria and helps reduce inflammation and pigmentation. It’s like a safe, mini-chemical peel that you can do right at home – ready-mixed for you in one single, little pad! Expect some flaking a couple of days after application.

JC Clarity Rx Pads

These salicylic acid skin pads are effective at removing impurities and excess oil from the skin. Formulated with AHA’s and a blend of antioxidants to reduce acneic inflammation with little irritation.

JC Clairty M Toner

This advanced toner gives your skin a therapeutic boost to severe acne, melalsma or rejuvenation skin care treatments by using 9% Mandelic Acid.

JC Skin Lightenter

Effective prescription strength 4% hydroquinone, helps correct the appearance of age and sun spots for a more healthier and even complexion.

Jc Hydra Gel

A unique Hyaluronic acid-based gel designed to enhance skin moisture. This product also contains Palmitoyl oligopeptide and Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, short-chain amino acids that mimic fragments of human collagen, that are demonstrated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

JC Clarity-M Serum

This clarifying serum helps reverse the visible signs of aging, improves uneven pigmentation and flushes out impacted pores.
JC This new skin care sensation helps bring clarity and balance while causing virtually no irritation. Clarity-M Serum is also recommended as a pre and post laser treatment, reducing the amount and length of irritation caused by laser resurfacing.

  • Evens skin tone, reduces age spots & freckles
  • Quickly fades acne scarring
  • Tightens the skin and pores
  • Reduces and eliminates lines & wrinkles
  • Helps fade the signs of Melasma
  • Safe and extremely effective on darker skin tones

JC Ferulic C-30 Serum

This product contains high-potency Vitamins C,E and Ferulic acid ester combined with a hydroxyacid. This combination provides both short-term cutaneous micro-exfoliation and long-term skin appearance benefits.

JC Renewal-A Serum

This daily, intensive Vitamin A concentrate uses Retinyl Propionate, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Citric Acid, Kojic Acid, Lactic Acid, Urea (humectant), and Niacinamide, A unique formula that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, evens out the skin tone, and clears impacted pores. This unique serum will deliver the results of retina-a without the irritation.

JC Lightening-HQ Serum

An excellent lightening agent that will assist in lightening age spots, freckles and pigments in the skins surface. A highly effective pre-conditioning serum for an aggressive resurfacing treatment.

JC Hydra Riche Creme

Is our #1 daily moisturizer, it Contains 5% Niacinamide combined with natural lipids that help soften, sooth and moisturize. Niacinamide, the non-vasodilating amide form of Vitamin B3, has been shown to improve the appearance of photo aging. 100% Paraben-free, Fragrance-free and Propylene glycol free.


FILLER IN A BOTTLE brings precious water into the stratum corneum, recreating the appearance of youthful volume. The revolutionary retinoid-free formula is a potent combination of texture-enhanc- ing peptides, barrier-enhancing lipids and anti-oxi- dant vitamins C, E and Ferulic acid ester.

JC Daily Protection SPF 30

This specially designed formula will help you prevent sunburn and minimize premature aging due to sun exposure. The Aloe based formula delivers high UV protection with wrinkle fighting peptides and antioxidant factors, including Green Tea and Lipoic Acid.

JC Skin Renewal Complex

This light soothing cream gives temporary relief from itching caused by minor skin irritations, post any chemical peel or laser treatment. Inflammation and rashes due to aesthetic procedures, eczema, allergies cosmetics, poison ivy, poison oak, soaps insect bites, seborrheic dermatitis and post-inflammatory response. With active healing agents of Wound healing ampules, O2 Concentrate, and Hylauronic Acid.

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