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Dear Prospective Patient,

Thank you for your interest in liposuction and body sculpting. The goal of any body contouring procedure is pleasant
curves and proportions with a smooth skin contour. The field has a number of adjuvant treatment options, which can be
confusing as to which has the most efficacy and safety.

Dr Troell is known as an expert by his peers and is a national trainer for three techniques in body contouring including
VASER ultrasound assisted liposuction and high definition liposuction, SlimLipo laser assisted liposuction
and the Body-Jet water-jet assisted liposuction techniques. He has presented overt 14 physician training workshops
in the last several years on body contouring and multiple national presentations including three at the World Congress
of Liposuction in New York City in October 2013 and was the keynote speaker at the California Academy of
Cosmetic Surgeryannual meeting in Newport Beach CA in 2013 speaking on Stem Cells & Platelet Rich Plasma
in Autologous Fat Transfer in Aesthetic Procedures: Art, Science & Surgical Technique.

I have considerable experience in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery with completion of residency and
fellowship at Stanford University Medical Center. I remained at Stanford University as a Clinical Professor
for seven years and am currently Adjunct Professor at Touro University, College of Osteopathic Medicine.
I have multiple board certifications including the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery in Breast, Body & Extremity,
and in Facial Plastic Surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery and the American Board
of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. I am director of the Institute of Advanced Body Sculpting in Las Vegas, NV
and Laguna Beach, CA, and at Estrella Aesthetics & Surgical Arts in Corona, California.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (VASER) for both the face and body areas has been shown to have less bruising
and bleeding (26%) than suction assisted liposuction, has been shown to remove more fat than any other
technique, and shown to provide the 53% more skin tightening than standard suction assisted liposuction.
VASER has been shown to be the best adjuvant therapy providing the maximum removal of fat in the shortest time,
smooth skin contouring and the best technique for skin tightening. I have performed over 1,000 face and body
liposuction procedures in the past five years with over a 97% patient satisfaction rate.

The best body contouring outcomes are created by high-definition liposculpture. High-definition liposuction
can also be performed with ultrasound assistance, sculpting the muscle contours with more definition, rapidly
and safely for the optimal body contouring appearance. In most patients your own fat is transferred to muscle
bellies to enhance their size and shape. Sometimes liposuction is combined with other procedures such as a
tummy tuck, arm and thigh lifts and breast surgery.

Our goal is to sculpt a more aesthetically pleasing you with the best techniques, safely with rapid recovery.
Rarely do patients require more than three days of post-treatment narcotic analgesics and can return to
work in 3-5 days. A compression garment is recommended for three weeks post-treatment.

During your initial free consultation, we will discuss your aesthetic concerns and discuss your treatment
options. Please visit my website at for Liposuction before and after photos.

Sincerely & Respectfully,
Robert J Troell, MD, FACS
firma dr troell

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