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Cosmetic Feminization Surgery - ESTRELLA AESTHETICS & SURGICAL ARTS Cosmetic Feminization Surgery - ESTRELLA AESTHETICS & SURGICAL ARTS Cosmetic Feminization Surgery - ESTRELLA AESTHETICS & SURGICAL ARTS

Cosmetic Feminization Surgery


Dear Prospective Patient,

Thank you very much for your inquiry regarding cosmetic feminization surgery. I have 20 years of experience performing
feminization surgical procedures, which include cosmetic nasal surgery (rhinoplasty), lip augmentation, mandibular
contouring, natural breast augmentation, gluteal reshaping (Brazilian Butt Lift), invasive and non-surgical body contouring
and tracheal cartilage shaving.

Having a more arched brow produces a more feminine appearance. This is accomplishes by reshaping and narrowing
the brow hair, using BOTOX and Dysport to elevate the brow and alleviate horizontal forehead wrinkles. Nose job or
rhinoplasty can soften a bulbous nasal tip and reduce a nasal dorsal hump, further feminizing the facial look.
Lip augmentation can be achieved using dermal fillers (Perlane), fat transfer and PermaLip lip implants. A prominent
chin can be softened by taking down the bone through an incision inside your mouth to hide the incision. Liposculpting
to the jowl and neck can remove unwanted excess fat and even result in skin tightening. Dysport or radiofrequency
soft tissue shrinkage of the masseter muscle can narrow the lower face fullness. Obviously, breast augmentation and
gluteal sculpting also feminizes you body.

I have considerable experience in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery with completion of residency and
fellowship at Stanford University Medical Center. I remained at Stanford University as a Clinical Professor for seven
years and am currently Adjunct Professor at Touro University, college of Osteopathic Medicine. I have multiple board
certifications including the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery in Breast, Body & Extremity, and in Facial Plastic
Surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic &
Reconstructive Surgery. I am director of the Institute of Advanced Body Sculpting in Las Vegas, NV and Laguna Beach,
CA, and at Estrella Aesthetics & Surgical Arts in Corona, California.

While at Stanford University in private practice, my partners and I published peer reviewed journal articles regarding
nasal surgery, facial rejuvenation, mandible surgery, and hyoid and airway surgery.

During your initial consultation, we will discuss your concerns and complete a treatment plan. Please review our
website under the specific procedure requested at I look forward to meeting you.

Sincerely & Respectfully,
Robert J Troell, MD, FACS
firma dr troell

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