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Facial Fat Transfer/ Fat Grafting by Dr Marguerite Bernett Facial Fat Transfer/ Fat Grafting by Dr Marguerite Bernett Facial Fat Transfer/ Fat Grafting by Dr Marguerite Bernett

Facial Fat Transfer/ Fat Grafting

Marguerite Bernett, M.D.
Estrella Aesthetics & Surgical Arts
Corona, California

Facial Fat Transfer/ Fat Grafting by Estrella Aesthetics Facial Plastic Surgeon in Corona, Ca

As we age, it is inevitable that we start to show the signs of aging on the skin on our faces and around the body in general. Winkles and pigmentation changes are something that most people experience as they start to get older.

Another problem that is seen in many people is connective tissue starting to become compromised, which is where you will see baggy and sagging skin. Another common occurrence is an increased amount of fat that gets stuck around the neck and jowl area, which is something that a lot of people consider to be unflattering. If you live long enough, there is no question that you will start to experience one or more of these things. Luckily, there are some great ways to attack these issues and counteract the signs of aging. One of the methods that is commonly used to address these types of problems is through facial fat grafting. If you have never heard of this before, it is essentially the process of taking fat from certain areas of the body and replacing it in other areas.

Striving for a More Youthful Looking Appearance

The result is typically a more youthful looking appearance, with drastic disappearance of wrinkles, tightening of skin throughout the face, and much better skin tone and color. Many people have gotten this type of surgery in the past and the results are very impressive. One interesting thing that facial fat grafting can accomplish is the drastically diminished scarred appearance that is often present after a person has had bad acne. The skin tends to repair itself and the overall appearance of these scars is diminished greatly, so if you are someone that has suffered from acne in the past, you may benefit greatly from getting facial fat grafting.

A lot of people wonder where the fat is typically taken from to be placed at strategic areas of the face. The most common places that the fat cells are taken from are the hips, or the abdomen. Most people tend to have more than enough fat cells stored up in their mid section that there is no problem gaining the necessary amount to transfer to the face. Another great thing about going with this route is the fact that it is not very invasive and you are likely going to thin out a bit in the stomach and ab region, which is something that most people would love to have.

Benefits of Facial Fat Grafting:

Most people that are aging start to develop small pockets on their faces and facial fat grafting basically takes the fat cells that have been removed from the stomach or hip region and put into these holes. You can kind of think about this as a truck on the street that has the job of filling up pot holes, as this really is the same process in essence. The surgeon can fill these holes and smooth out the face, giving the appearance of a much more youthful person.

Another great reason for going this route is the fact that the procedure is not very invasive. Most surgical procedures on the face, in terms of plastic surgery and other related surgeries, require incisions that may be visible after surgery. The process of facial fat grafting uses openings that are only one millimeter in length, which is literally about the size of the end of a pen. The sizes are incredibly small, but the job can still be done very effectively, which is very attractive to a lot of people that are considering getting this type of thing done. If you are looking for a procedure that is going to give you that youthful appearance that you may feel you have lost, but still want a safe and effective surgery, you should consider getting facial fat grafting.

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