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The Look Enhancement Of Chin Implants

Marguerite Bernett, M.D.
Estrella Aesthetics & Surgical Arts
Corona, California

Chin Implants and Cosmetic Chin Enhancement can do a lot to make you feel comfortable with the appearance of your face because you’ve essentially rebuilt or reshaped your chin. Optical aesthetics depends on the alignment of your chin, forehead, nose, and mid-face region. When your face is in proper proportion with your chin you will feel confident when you complete your daily look.

The Benefits Of Utilizing Chin Enhancements

  • Improve your looks by harmonizing your facial features in alignment with your chin.
  • Chin augmentation enhances the appearance of your nose (especially for larger noses).
  • You’ll increase your self esteem and be able to be confident about your looks.

Your Chin Enhancement or Augmentation Options:

  • Get the best estimated size up to 1 mm
  • 3D imaging that allows you to determine what having enhancement will look like
  • Intra-operative templates that can be placed on the chin before you choose a size

Today, many men and women are utilizing plastic surgery to enhance their look from the effects of the sign of aging, birth defects, and their own personal cosmetic reasons. When you’re looking for a qualified surgeon you want someone that has extensive experience in facial implants. You now have the option of changing the facial features that you’re not comfortable with a quick recovery time that meets the needs of older or adults and busy professionals. Plastic surgery can help you love the skin your in. Most people only report mild pain when they are recovering from facial implants. You’ll have far less complications that can be associated with other procedures. Best of all, chin enhancements has affordable plans that can meet the demands of most budgets.

The Types Of Available Anesthetics

Most patients can be treated with oral sedation and oral analgesics to block the nerves in the chin. They neutralize the chin area without having to put a lot of patients to sleep. However, the procedure can also be handled under general anesthetics if needed. Chin enhancement is a (30) minute procedure that will save a busy professional and older adults plenty of time. Discover the benefits of chin augmentation to enhance your looks and built your confidence today.

Why Choose Dr. Bernette

Cosmetic Chin Implant Enhancement
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Chin Implants - Before - Patient 1a
Chin Implants - After - Patient 1a
Chin Implants - Before - Patient 1a
Chin Implants - After - Patient 1a
Chin Implants - Before - Patient 1a
Chin Implants - After - Patient 1a

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