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Kysse Thin Lips Good Bye





Sale $500 per syringe
(Reg. $950 per syringe)

Restylane Kysse has been approved by the FDA



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Say Goodbye to Wrinkles


with Jeuveau®




100-units package $800
($8.00 per unit)
(Reg. $1600)

Jeuveau is just like Botox, a different type of neurotoxin
that adheres to the muscles quicker and can last longer.



Hurry up! Only 12 available.





Rejuvenate Your Skin


with Broad Band Light with BBL




Sale $1,050
2 BBL skin rejuvenation treatments
(Reg. $1,600)


Remove those Age Spots with BBL



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Judi Facial


Do you want your skin to look extra fabulous?




Exclusive Offer $350

This facial includes 4 steps:

1 Hydrafacial MD
Custom Enzymes
LED Light Therapy
Massage (Upper body)

(Reg. $450)


We offer medical-grade facials that can help
restore your skin’s youthful vibrance.



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Get A Fuller More Shapely Booty


with Bellafill




10 syringes $4,700
(Reg. $15,000)


For those that wish a curvier figure



Hurry up! Only 12 available.





BOTOX® Cosmetic





$8.50 per unit
min 60 units (total $510)

(Reg. $960)

Botox Cosmetic is administered by a few tiny injections directly into the muscle responsible for causing the frown lines.


Available packages (must be used in one visit, max 1 vial per person)


Hurry up! Only 10 available.











(Available in five denominations $100, $200, $400, $500, $1,000)





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